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Friday February 23, 2018

Here you will find exclusive lashes, korean high quality Mink and silk lashes, newest designs and classic elegance lashes that turns your clients into true goddess of beauty. We are different from other companies: as we only sell what we believe is good for our clients and our products are exclusive. You can  purchase our brand only on our website and nowhere else unlike most other products, that can be bought on “ebay”. Our mission is to help Lash stylist all other the world to understand the science behind eyelashes extensions so that they can choose themselves what is good for them. We want lash stylists to feel more confident and clients to experience the best results in long lasting of their lash extension. Eyelash has become a woman’s identity and makes you feel great.

The story behind PNNB

PNNB is a beauty salon business that specialises in eyelash extensions, and other beauty treatments. We then created PNNB ACADEMY. In 2013 PNNB LASHES was approved as a Trademark for eyelashes school and products for the whole of Europe and for the last 7 years, we have carried out extensive research, tests and experiment on the products available in our field. We attended many courses in Europe to expand our knowledge and are now ready to take the next step in the development of our lash brand by creating our own exclusive products and expand the business locally, regionally and internationally.

Our mission is to share with you a set of techniques that we have proven to work, creating desirable and durable treatments. In our different online courses we provide you with a proper understanding of the mechanism behind the glues based on science, and the newest technology in eyelash extension. You can also have access to all our research, videos and tutorials via our mobile app.


Dlux Professional has 20 years of experience in manufacturing eyelashes-enhancing products.

DLUX PROFESSIONAL is the best brand in eyelashes in the world. Dlux professional has many years of experience in developing, manufacturing and exporting a variety of high-quality beauty products, with focus on eyelash-related solutions, tools and accessories. PNNB ACADEMY is honoured to provide you with Dlux professional high quality eyelashes and products.
What makes Dlux Professional unique is that they design and produce the products themselves, which means we are personally involved in every single step of the process. Each item is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 / ISO 14001 : 2015 standards, and has been fully tested for quality with government-published results. We take great pride in everything that bears our name, and believe our products are the highest quality of any in the industry, worldwide. With Dlux Professional Danmark and PNNB ACADEMY, we provide you with the first and only mobile app online training specialised in eyelashes extension in the world.

PNNB ACADEMY provide you with Professional products,  professional worldwide online training and free support for 3 months after registrations. All informations for our courses and tutorials have been gathered for the last 7 years and is provided in Danish and English.