PNNB Sensitive glue

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PNNB Sensitive Glue for Eyelash Extensions -Medical Grade

Very Low Fumes!
No Burning after application
8 to 10 second bonding time (time for glue to set)
Durability 1.5 to 2 weeks before fill is needed.
Formaldehyde Free
colour black

The best glue on the market for those who have extreme reactions to eyelash extension glues.

Recommended use at room temperature of 18-25°C and humidity above 40% ( Find out why on our online courses in general chemistry behind lashes extensions)

Best before: 3 months closed and away from sunlight, recommended to use within 1 month after opening.
Sensitive glue has tendency to before slower and slower with time faster than other glues, so it is very important to seal and store your glue in a cool and dry area for best and long lasting.

Learn more about lash adhesives from our online training in General chemistry in eyelash extension. Tutorials and theory are available for the best use of eyelash glue and primer for better and long lasting of your eyelash extension on our mobile app.

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PNNB ACADEMY has made special selection of the best glue in terms of ingredients, durability and quality of the products. We have choosed to provide you only with 2 types in our brand which is Expert + and Sensitive glue. This prevent confusion and will allow you to perform perfect set of single lashes on your clients that are both not sensitive and has allergic to some chemicals. Both glues can be used even if you are a beginner or experienced lash stylist.

PNNB sensitiv glue

After much research, we have finally found an adhesive that has remarkable success with most clients that frequently experience allergic or negative reactions to common adhesives. That is why PNNB ACADEMY decided to offer PNNB SENSITIV adhesive to you. Although it is impossible to have an adhesive that is chemical free, we have taken great measures to ensure that our products are as safe and as harmless as possible. Research and Development of these adhesives ensure that every product we provide follows health regulations and cosmetic rules.


alkoxy-ethyl cyanoacrylate, poly akyl methacrylate, poly isocyanate, n-methyl pyrrolidone, carbon black.

Check out our tutorials and online course of how it is possible to use only one glue even if you are a beginner and get access to complete step by step manual with 3 months free support on our mobile app.

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