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Groove lashes v/s Flat lashes

Wednesday March 14, 2018

The difference between Grouve/Gourd lash and flat lash

The eyelash extensions world is so full of misunderstanding and misconception. One example is Grouve/gourd lash also known as flat lash.

But they are actually two different types of lashes with different shape, and they are available on the market as matte and shiny.


What are the differences between them?

GROUVE LASH also known as Gourd lashes by Dlux has a more softer and rounder shape on the edge while FLAT LASHES are more sharp in shape as in a diamond cut.

They both curves inside/ middle of the lashes but real flat lashes are 0.15mm in width and 0.07mm in height making them more natural to the look.

Does they really last better than normal lashes?

PNNB has make some research and has some videos to show you the differences between them. You can see the videos on our instagram and facebook soon.