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The truth about Laser lashes v/s classic lashes

Wednesday March 14, 2018

Laser Lashes V/S normalt lashes

New technology keeps coming on the market and yet everyone is actually buying the products without being critical or have confirmed tested results!

Laser lashes became a hit in Danmark and other countries and everyone is buying the products, because it should make the lashes to last 1,5 times longer than normal lashes do. Therefore we tested the products to check for evidences.

So here comes PNNB results.

We ordered some laser lashes, IT WAS NEW! But we didn’t want to use them on our customer before we tested them. So we order but sample 1 from company 1 ( we reserve the right to keep the name secret ) and we got sample 2 from company 2 ( which is very known) . We examined both products, to our big surprise the results was Shocking!

Company 1, provides laser lashes to many other companies around the world,

THERE WERE NO STRUCTURE ON THE LASHES AT ALL, Laser lashes from company 1 was normalt!

Company 2, is a very known company in Danmark and other country, the laser structure was not what it seems to be as promoted everywhere! There is a difference in structure on the lashes compare to the normal lashes, but it is not as it is on pictures shown everywhere.


From our study in science and within eyelash extension, whatever lashes you apply to a clients lashes can last at least up to 3 to 5 weeks without problems if


  1. Education of lashes extensions is correct
  2. PREP of the lashes are done correctly
  3. The lashes adhesives used has the correct ingredients
  4. Techniques of applications
  5. Environmental conditions stylist are working in
  6. Daily activities of clients.


If the structure of the lashes applied has an uneven surfaces structure, then when applying the eyelashes extensions with glue, a mechanical bond will be formed helping the lashes or any surfaces to stick better together.

But how can it work 100% right?

For a proper mechanical bonds to form, it depends on the following :


  1. Velocity of your glue
  2. If rough/uneven structure are present.
  3. Correct wetting/ lashes applications methods.

If the upper environment is not present, then it does not matter if you use one type of lashes to another type of lashes. In this case, laser lashes v/s normal lashes does not make any sense of having longer durability.

Find more explanation on the mechanism and chemistry of eyelashes extensions. Learn exactly what are the conditions and contradictions of applying lashes extensions on a scientific level. In our Chemistry behind lashes extensions courses we provide you the answer to all your problems and we illustrate it in pictures and videos to show you.


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