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The myth of the humidifier in eyelashes extensions.

Wednesday March 14, 2018

The myth of the humidifier in making eyelash extensions lasting better…hmmm?!

You have just finished your eyelashes courses or you have been an experienced eyelash stylist for many years, so here it comes “the humidifier” should make the eyelashes extension to last better or make the glue to stick better while doing eyelashes extension treatment, hmmmm?!!

You believed it!!!and you bought a humidifier!

Lets check the facts out!

What is a humidifier?

humidifier is a device that increases (moisture) by allowing water molecules steam to be spread out in a room. Large humidifiers are used in commercial, institutional, or industrial contexts, often as part of a larger HVAC system to increase moisture for comforts of clients.


How does a Humidifier help in eyelash extensions then?

Eyelashes glue are made of several chemical ingredients which are polar, and water is also polar, (which means that the molecules inside the eyelashes glue and water in the air will attract each other). This will start polymerization but will a humidifier make the lashes to last better?

PNNB tested the facts and the result is here ( link to result and courses here ), all our research are based on science.

You can learn more about the mechanism and chemistry behind eyelashes extensions and how you can make your eyelashes extension to last longer on our online training program of ” General chemistry behind eyelashes extensions”.